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The truth about SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The truth about SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Any on-line marketing campaign should start with a solid pillar: a well-designed web site that search engine crawlers can “see.” In other words, you need a web site that is search engine optimized. Without effective search engine optimization (also known as SEO), crawlers can miss the essence of your site, and, as a result, may index your site poorly or even miscategorize your web site.

Yet, search engine optimization (SEO), the buzzword of the Internet industry today, is probably the least understood (let alone managed) tool there is.

Search engine optimization is itself a very simple “science.” However, it is a “science” that is both tedious and time-consuming.

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SEO is simple because the principles of search engine optimization for any site are grounded on four basic elements. Optimization is based on: 1) web site structure, 2) web site content, 3) meta-tags, and 4) links.

However, search engine optimization can be tedious because a web site’s SEO is an on-going process that involves updating, changing, and fine-tuning (or optimizing) your web pages regularly. And, if this is not enough, then comes the hard part, submission.

SEO demands patience because, even assuming that all of the elements are in place, a typical search engine optimization will take weeks to get a web site indexed, and, often, several months before the pages start showing up in the top 10-20 rankings of a search engine like Google. Once top ranking is achieved, lack of maintenance or lapses in optimization and submission will almost certainly guarantee that the site ranking will suffer.

So, what are your options to insure that your optimization efforts are maximized?

You could spend a lot of time learning about search engine optimization and trying to compete with the hundreds of thousands of sites that, like you, are fighting for a position on the top ten or twenty pages of Google.

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